Inicio Vídeos GIANT SQUID found! 50-foot-long, washed-up on beach, Punakaiki, New Zealand, 16st 2016

GIANT SQUID found! 50-foot-long, washed-up on beach, Punakaiki, New Zealand, 16st 2016

GIANT SQUID found! 50-foot-long!!

washed-up on beach, Punakaiki, New Zealand, 16st 2016

Having an exotic animal in the city and represents a challenge, because it is taking a natural habitat and inserts it into one that is totally foreign. Furthermore, these animals often require more care than an ordinary pet. Among the exotic animals most commonly adopted by people, are snakes, turtles, reptiles such as geckos, iguanas, the dragon of water, frogs, etc.

You know that many of these animals are subject to regulations protecting wildlife that depend on the laws of each country. Therefore it is important to ensure that this not buying an animal that is protected or sale is prohibited. Generally the animals that can be traded are those who are raised in captivity for this purpose (which are those we can get pet stores).

A Colossal Squid
A Colossal Squid

In the event that we wanted to buy one of these animals in a pet store, we ask that we deliver an invoice stating our full personal details, date of purchase, the number of animals, the species with scientific name, number registration on International trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna, the price, and seal or mark attesting the corresponding authorization of trade

Another key points to purchase one of these pets, especially reptiles, is informed about the species, as they grow, what conditions need to live, how much money we need for maintenance and conditioning (temperature, amount of light type of light, humidity, etc).

Hygiene and maintenance of the aquarium or terrarium where you go to have the animal is also very important to avoid and prevent diseases caused by the animal’s own remains.


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